7 Small Business Digital Marketing Strategies to Maximise Your Budget

Originally posted on https://webpresence.digital/uk-blog/small-business-digital-marketing-strategies/ When you’re small, you have to make the most of what you’ve got. I should know, I’m 5 6 61% of businesses didn’t even create a budget in 2018. Yet a small business has to tackle most of the same concerns as a large business and do it with less cash. That means they need to take greater care to draw out the full potential of their budget. Marketing is one of the most direct links between a company’s budget and its ROI, so it makes sense to factor that into your strategy. Below are 7 small business digital marketing strategies to help you maximise your budget. The reality of online marketing is that you will have to spend to make anything happen. Paid ads are one of the most obvious ways to make some waves. Luckily, a little can go a long way on the internet. Even a single promoted ad on a social media platform could boost your customer numbers — which will have a snowball effect as word-of-mouth spreads further. If you accept that you may need to pay for direct marketing, then you can figure out the best ways to allocate that budget. Looking to expand your Twitter footprint or crack a new audience on Facebook? Targeted ads can help you do both. But the trick lies in making them part of an overall strategy. Every time you spend money on an ad, you should know exactly what the end goal is. If a job is too tough to do yourself, you use a tool. It’s as true in small business marketing as it is in anything else in life. There’s a whole suite of tools you can use to maximise your marketing budget. There are tools to schedule emails and social media posts, tools to provide you with better feedback, and tools to analyse your own SEO — among many others. Like all tools, their purpose is to help you market more efficiently. Used right, they can ensure you get the most mileage out of your budget. It’s much easier to marketing something than nothing. Even a snake oil salesman has to pretend they have something to offer. That’s something to bear in mind when you’re marketing your small business. Marketing can only push you so far if you aren’t offering enough meat to chew on. By ensuring your content game is on point, you give your marketing a solid foundation. You aren’t advertising for the sake of it — you have something to promote. This is one reason many businesses load their site with content, from blogs to videos and how-to guides. These all give your customers something to engage with when they arrive at your site. Just remember to include a strong call-to-action (CTA). When you’re a small business, you’ll often have a small but loyal following. One of the best ways to maximise your marketing budget is to roll out the red carpet for your core customers. […]

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