8 Online Marketing Tools Everyone Should Know

In our work as an online marketing agency, we have over time built up vast know-how in tools that can support us and you extremely – we would like to share this with you. Be it fundamental instruments that you cannot get past in your work or tools that have to be selected from a variety of alternatives. In the following article, we have listed our favorite digital marketing tools and present them to you quickly and crisply. 8 Best Digital Marketing Tools

> Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most widely used website analysis tool . For example, the clicks, bounce rate and average session duration of all users or specific groups of users can be examined. It also shows the behavioral flow of users and provides differentiated sales figures (bestsellers, number of purchases, total sales, etc.). Here are very detailed comparison options given because you can set the relevant periods themselves. This online marketing tool helps you a lot to analyze all the user data, conversions, User Behavior and much more.

start=”2″> Keyword Generator

There is a large (perhaps even infinite) number of keyword generators on the Internet. Somehow, however, we have never found the right one for our purposes. That’s why we recently programmed our own keyword generator. In addition to Google AdWords – specific features such as Keywords Modifier, the generator offers the ability to convert keywords to lowercase, delete duplicates and filter invalid characters.

start=”3″> Google Trends

What are people looking for at Google? This question answers Google Trends . The tool gives deep insights into the current interests and searches behavior of Google users. This digital marketing tool also helps to analyze the trend flow of keywords. And that’s more than just an audience size definition in Google’s market share – it’s a reflection of our current corporate interests! But as a specific research tool, Google Trends is also great.

The tool can be used in two different ways:

The latest search trends check, concoct news interests before they are viral, get inspired

Selected keywords and their search volume over time and direct comparison check

The second possibility is a terrific possibility to rank the seasonality of queries – especially in comparison: As you can see, Google Trends not only shows that “tour de France” is more sought after than “last Christmas”, but also exactly when !

start=”4″> AdWords & Bing Ads

AdWords is an online advertising program from Google. Online ads can be created to reach people at the exact time customers are interested in our products or services. You advertise your own business, sell products and services, increase awareness and drive traffic to your own website. Bing Ads is the name of the ad serving interface in Microsoft’s search and display network. Both programs offer the same types of ads and work in a very similar way. The following three (main) ad types should be known: Search Network Ads. In addition to organic search results (SEO), Google and […]

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