How to Boost Your Digital Marketing Productivity

Are you struggling with marketing productivity? If you are a digital marketer, then you must often feel like a juggler. There’s just so much to do on so many different channels and…. ….keeping all those balls in the air can make you feel exhausted. I know that we all spend hours of our working days logging in and out of different tools that help us manage, track, and analyze our marketing efforts. I also know that suggesting more tools to fight the exhaustion and improve productivity of your digital marketing may sound counterintuitive. But, guess what? That’s exactly what I’m going to suggest! There’s a chance that you’re not using all the right tools, or at least some of them that can help you work smarter. So without further ado, let’s go over a few tools and technical tips that can help increase your digital marketing productivity. 1. Editorial Calendar Tool So much of our work as marketers revolves around creating, distributing and promoting content. In all its different types and formats, content fuels the engine of digital marketing. But…. this comes with a set of challenges: How do you publish quality content that helps you achieve your business goals while being mindful to the needs of your audience? …..And how do you do this on a regular basis across channels and platforms? You’ve guessed it. You need to put it in a calendar to plan, assign the production, and schedule out all the content, ideally at least a couple of months in advance. Setting everything up may take a bit of time that you feel like you don’t have. But this time investment will save you so much time and effort down the line that it’s well worth it! I use Asana which allows us to create a board with tasks grouped by the stage of the content creation process. Our stages are as follows: Ideas – We have an idea for content but not sure if we’ll write it yet. Content creation – We have decided to create a piece of content so it’s moved from the idea stage to production stage. Video editing – If there’s a video associated with content, some editing is required. Imagery – We will need to add imagery to an article or a guide. We have someone who is responsible for this. Optimization and Distribution – When we finalize the content, it is then optimized for SEO and distributed across social media. Here’s an example of how this looks in Asana: There are many other editorial calendar tools such as Coschedule, Divvy, Trello, etc. The important thing is that you use one! 2. Use a Social Management Tool to Improve your Marketing Productivity I am certain that most marketers would agree on this one – social media marketing drains so much time and energy if not properly managed. There’s scheduling, monitoring, engagement, analytics… Unless you have a tool that can do all that, and automate most of it, your productivity in […]

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