Industrial SEO For B2B Companies: New Application, Same Strategy

In your quest to master business-to-consumer (B2C) digital marketing strategies, you may be overlooking some important business-to-business (B2B) opportunities. The recent economic upswing — reports of an economy on the rise and decreased unemployment — provides tremendous reasons for branching out into the B2B world.

I have found that B2B customers are often spending more time on the internet, looking for the same type of high-quality, informative content, much like B2C customers. This means that webinars, webcasts and online conferences may serve as trade show alternatives for some buyers today.

The only question is: Will they find your company in their search efforts?

Industrial search engine optimization (SEO) for B2B companies means helping potential customers progress through the research, evaluation and purchase stages by creating meaningful content that answers their questions and solves their problems.

SEO for the B2B industrial market isn’t as foreign as you might think. Research by Google found that “90% of B2B researchers who are online use search specifically to research business purchases.” Furthermore, it takes an average of 12 searches before a researcher engages with a brand.

Much like B2C marketing, it’s a matter of knowing your audience and applying many of the same marketing strategies you already use every day. A good plan for SEO marketing for manufacturers consists of utilizing SEO on multiple webpage locations, developing content marketing strategies, being strategic about link building and learning more about SEO for manufacturers.

Boosting SEO Efforts For Industrial Companies

When improving your online presence, there are a few areas to focus:

• optimizing product and solution pages

• finding ways to solve the organization’s complex problems

• posting high-quality SEO content in multiple locations on websites

It’s crucial to remember who your audience is and the many reasons that take them to search engines. They may be looking for suppliers and industry trade publications. They might also be checking out their competition.

SEO For B2B Industrial Market Content In my experience, the same content strategies for B2C customers are equally effective for B2B customers if you consider a slightly different application. SEO for industrial companies gives you plenty of opportunities for short- and long-term marketing because value-added content can help nurture potential leads.Challenge yourself to incorporate these content strategies into your SEO for manufacturers’ marketing efforts:• Optimize relevant keywords.• Perform keyword research.• Optimize HTML titles.• Add meta descriptions.• Use bold headings.• Develop engaging content on websites, forums, blogs and social networks.• Cross-link to related products and supporting content.• Optimize landing pages for new content marketing initiatives.• Provide a clear call to action (CTA).• Look for secondary conversion opportunities such as newsletter sign-ups.Provide high-quality content that’s readable across a variety of mobile devices. B2B customers are often scouring the web for case studies, product/solution tutorials, whitepapers and research studies. Link-Friendly SEO For Industrial Companies In developing SEO for industrial company strategies within my own work, I’ve found that it’s crucial not to forget about the importance of link building. Despite all the changes in Google’s algorithms, link building is still a major factor in […]

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