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Business Support Services

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Business Support Services

Business Services

Outsource your business tasks to InfoStyle and enjoy lower costs with increased efficiency and flexibily.

Website Services

Your company’s web presence is how you present yourselves to a world of opportunities you can’t afford to miss.

Technology Services

Your business depends on your information technology, and we understand that very well. We stand on guard.

Cloud Services

Stop spending a fortune on networks and servers and maintenance and move into the cloud already.

InfoStyle Internet Services provides everything your business needs to get going including virtual assistant services, graphic design, corporate identity, website design, website hosting, website promotion, Internet marketing, App development, I.T. services, Cloud services and remote technical assistance.

Office Specialist

Return On Investment

We understand this to mean that when you invest good money in a project designed by InfoStyle it is expected to add value to your enterprise.

Objectives Achieved

As we define your objectives up front we make sure that these objectives are achieved.

The Process:

  1. Interview
  2. Research Options
  3. Presentation and Proposal
  4. Fixed Agreement
  5. Complete Project
  6. Feedback and Adjustments
  7. Payment
  8. Review

Business Support Services

Business Support

We design, build and support technology solutions for business. InfoStyle Internet Services provides everything your business needs to get started. Contact us today for more information.

Virtual Office Services

Business' all over are using virtual assistant services to outsource administrative tasks simply because it is time-consuming, and they’d rather utilize their valuable time concentrating on sales and other more productive tasks that require their attention.
We highly recommend our Virtual Assistant Services rather than going with a solo freelancer. Our permanent team of professionals provide a competent and secure service that is constantly reliable and trustworthy over time.

There are several benefits to using InfoStyle Virtual Assistant Services, including the ability to outsource tasks to seasoned professionals, significantly reducing your labor costs, and access to a wide variety of skills that you and your teammates might not have at the moment. It’s no secret that hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to affordably delegate tasks that could end up use up too much of your time and attention.

Graphic Design Services

Corporate image design such as logo design, stationary, business cards, websites and signage – including printing services. We manipulate colour and style to make a positive first impression.It’s a one-stop-shop to set your new company image in motion. Have us design a complete corporate identity package for your new or established business. We will design your new corporate identity, style and colour, starting with your logo, to everything else you need printed or published. Designed and delivered to you without any other effort.

Web Site Design Services

Instead of searching for customers why not let them find you? Begin your online advertising campaign with InfoStyle and let us help you to reach potential customers who are interested in your products and services. Search engine marketing can place your company´s website directly in front of potential customers exactly when they are looking for that particular product or service. Your online presence can reach thousands of potential customers worldwide 24 hours a day, every day.

Website Promotion

Website promotion at it’s best. A website beautiful and smart is still lost in an ocean of websites if not properly promoted by our Internet marketing experts. Our Internet Marketing services are highly effective and results driven – so your website will get the attention it deserves as fast as possible. Our promotion services will get your new web site noticed fast. With our promotional services we make sure that your site is well placed in the top search engines to convert your website into an effective business.

One Stop Shop

InfoStyle Internet Services is virtual assistant services, graphic design, website design, website promotion, App development, Internet marketing, as well as I.T. services and remote technical assistance.

Mobile App Development

Are you looking for a trusted mobile application development company? Then yo have come to the right place. Mobile apps are one of the best ways to boost engagement with your target audience, build strong brand loyalty, and ultimate cultivate a dedicated base of recurring customers/clients, and InfoStyle Internet Services develops and delivers mobile apps across all the major platforms, including iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, and Windows Mobile. Our mobile app development services include: business need requirement analysis, project management, and a professional development process to deliver your bespoke project on time.

Managed I.T. Services

At InfoStyle we have extensive experience in designing, installing and supporting computer systems for business including hardware, software, networking, security, training and problem solving. We have more than 30 years experience in building business networks – now leveraging the latest WIFI and Cloud technologies. Tired of wildly fluctuating I.T. costs? Take control of your Information Technology budget with InfoStyle’s Managed I.T. Services platform. We offer flat-rate I.T. services for every budget.

Cloud Services

Cloud services are computer services base on the Internet and they are transforming the way information technology is deployed today. They promise increased functionality and productivity and lower costs and greater security.

Smart Home - Office

It’s about time that information technology came home. The Internet Of Things is transforming the way people live and we are on top of these these new developments.

How can your business benefit?

Get a free consultation and summary report plus an example of your new design up front for you to evaluate, and decide – with no obligation to buy.

We would be very pleased to discuss you ideas with you.

Transparent pricing means no hidden fees. Browse our catalogue of services and request a quote, or order online.

What is service without support? We stand behind our projects year after year with friendly advice and rapid problem solving.


Personal, friendly, clear advice and service.
All costs are up front, and there are no no hidden fees.
Free example of your new design with no obligation.
Experienced certified experts.

We are passionate about computer technology and have been proudly serving our client base for more than twenty years. We value our customers and always try our best to provide excellent customer service.

• Secure and reliable
• Cost Efficient. Save money by only using as many resources as your business needs at the time.
• Flexible. Give controlled access to company resources to employees in the field, business partners and even customers.

• Local exposure
• Global exposure
• Online reference to your goods and services
• New source of clients and customers
• Online Sales
• Relatively inexpensive

• Peace of mind knowing your systems are in good hands.
• Fixed monthly costs enable you to stick to an I.T. budget.



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