Tips to Increase Website Traffic in 2019

At times it seems extremely challenging to get those first 100 visitors to your site and it can be very frustrating. This is especially true when you don’t know if the path chosen is correct or wrong, since you are new to the world of Digital Marketing. Don’t be overwhelmed as you are one of the majorities of such marketers and business owners. Yes, 61% of the companies cited ‘generating website traffic’ as the biggest marketing challenge. Out of everything else, getting qualified site traffic and keeping them captivated long enough on your site has emerged as one of the most crucial Internet Marketing objectives in 2019. If marketers generate a good volume of relevant traffic then the conversion potential shoots up dramatically. So, here’s your go-to guide to increase website traffic in 2019: Roll Out a Newsletter If you have not realized the importance of having newsletter sign-up form on your website yet, it’s high time that you utilize its features and implement one. E-mail newsletters are considered as one of the strongest marketing tools with the highest ROI generating capacity. More than anybody else, Newsletter subscribers are most likely to visit your site on multiple occasions. After all, they have shown faith in you with their email address, haven’t they? However, sending plain basic newsletters to get them to visit your website won’t help in any way. Ensure your newsletter is a canvas full of high-worth content, even if it is curated or repurposed. It is important to remember to provide a backlink that takes them to your site. Boost Traffic with Structured Data Markup Structured data markup is globally becoming a go-to tool of web publishers and SEOs in certain categories. Structured data markup can be used on any website’s HTML to create rich snippets information in the search results. Rich snippets are improved search engine listings that can upsurge your click through rate. For instance, if you have reviewed a particular service provider, by adding review data within your markup, you can share information with Google that will enable them to display the rating percentage or stars. However, the question that arises to our minds is how can you implement structured data on your website? Understanding and implementing structured data manually can be quite tricky. But, Google comes to the rescue by offering an easy route to implement the primary features quickly and easily. It’s the structured data markup helper that helps you to shortlist the kind of markup you wish to create. Nail On-Page SEO On-page SEO consists of various components. In order to have your content rank higher, you need to incorporate each of them in your SEO strategy. This begins with ensuring that the quality of your content is top-notch and free of grammar or spelling errors. Creating high quality and compelling content will appeal to both readers and search engines. Besides this, to let the audience connect with your content, you need to offer the bridge which can be done through […]

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