Why You Should Understand the Top 5 SEO Factors in 2019

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In the last year, Google introduced considerable changes to its ranking site. Google used the support of Artificial Intelligence for almost 30% of search queries. It has been improving the search engine’s process to deliver a better result. In this article, we would like to highlight the top 5 factors that are exceedingly important for the year 2019. Let’s explore them:

> Familiarity with the term of Structured Data

Avoiding Structured Data Mistakes

Significant Podcasts for Your Marketing strategy

Improving Image SEO

Improving Content Focus

Structured data is a general term that simply indicates any data that is organized in a proper way. For example, if someone has a bunch of pending work and priority work lists like meetings, appointments, contact details, followup, etc., and the person organizes all important inputs into a table with a proper note for all work, that’s called Structured Data process. It helps you manage all work in an acceptable way. You Should Avoid All Structured Data Mistakes

Adding structured data is a fantastic idea. However, erroneous implementation can lead to manual action. It can hamper your ranking position, so paying attention to all the details is one of the important factors. It’s better to scrutinize all details instead of facing a penalty.

> Using erroneous structured data

Using shortcuts during the structured data process

Having structured data that doesn’t match with the on-page content

Violating all guidelines of Google for a specific data type Violating the general guidelines of Google for the structured data process Consider Podcasts for Your Marketing Strategy Podcasting is a free service provider that allows users to pull audio files from a podcasting web site for listening on digital audio players. This term comes from the combination of the words “iPod” and “broadcasting”. Users can utilize it virtually in their computer or portable media player.Podcasts are an impressively popular way to consumes content. You should consider podcasts as an effective process that engages customers for a long time. It makes sense if you create podcasts on marketing strategy because it helps to reach a maximum number of customers. Focused Content This is perhaps the most important factor in Internet marketing for 2019. Inappropriate content is the biggest mistake that we all have been seeing every year, and those sites have lost their ranking in Google. Let’s check some points that help you get an idea about how to search keywords for your content: Keyword research in a proper way is an important factor. Good content can highlight numerous misconceptions. You should understand how you can search for high-volume keywords in search engines. It can help you get high-conversion/high-traffic keywords. Improve Your Image SEO Images are the key element for any website. Pretty images are extremely important for SEO. You should take it seriously, just like the title, headline, and content elements, because all are working together and boosting the ranking in Google analytics.Images can also boost your ranking power by showing […]

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